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WUSTL's Designing Creativity (Guest Lecture) >> St. Louis, MO

Course Description: Via a series of lectures from prominent thinkers and practitioners in the areas of medicine, neuroscience, law, engineering, architecture, human-centered design, business, stage design, and the performing arts, Designing Creativity is a course that will explore the study and practice of the creative process across many disciplines. From "Ah-ha" epiphanies to slow-developing discoveries, the creative process has been employed by innovators and artists in virtually every corner of the globe for centuries. In this course, we will study the different processes of creatives in many fields. The class will also incorporate practice of design thinking and creativity techniques in a LAB component that will allow students to explore the development of innovative ideas in collaborative teams followed by project presentations to core faculty and classmates.

Guest Lecture Topic: Utilizing creativity to impact systems of power, including money and politics